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Premier Paper Converting Machinery, Inc. sets the industry standard worldwide for manufacturing the highest quality partition equipment from die cutters to assemblers to collapsers.  Premier Paper Converting Machinery (PPCM) has developed machinery solutions to increase production capacities, as well as improve process technology.  Goettsch International is proud to offer the complete line of PPCM equipment to the International Market*. 

For more than 65 years, Goettsch has been working with large facilities and small shops.  We understand the investment you have in your facility.  You’ll appreciate the unsurpassed service you receive from Goettsch to recommend the right equipment solution for your application, facility and budget.  Then we work closely with our customers to manage the delivery, installation and training, so you can focus on your business.  And, we’re always available for on-going parts and service support.

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Stripping Machinery

PPCM’s stripping machinery is specifically made for fiber or corrugated partition strips and pads and is available to produce clean punch configuration slots and “V” slots simultaneously for ease and speed of assembly.  Machinery is available in several width and height capacities to solve even your most difficult production needs.

Stripper/Die Cutter


Shown is the Model #195 Roll Fed Chipboard (Fiber) Stripper Shown is the Model #209 Die Cutter with Optional Feeder 

Fiber Stripping (roll fed)

The PPCM solid fiber stripping machine produces partitions and pads from roll stock.  High speed precision cuts are assured with servo controls.  You can run up to 36” (91cm) wide rolls.

Corrugated Die Cutting (sheet fed)

PPCM Corrugated Die Cutting Image closeup

The PPCM Corrugated Die Cutting machine is simple to use, highly productive and is designed to increase the value and prolong the life of your investment.  Different processing operations such as die cutting, slitting, edge trimming and cutting to length can all be combined into one pass.

Additional options include a tension table and roll rack for manufacturing solid fiber partition strips from roll stock and an additional sheet feeder to eliminate manual feeding operations.



PPCM assembly machinery is designed to give you the best in high volume production rates for solid fiber and corrugated partitions.  Whether it’s standardized products (beer and wine bottles) or versatility you require, Premier has the machinery solution.  

Partition Assembler

Shown is the Model #91 Partition Assembler 

The automatic partition assembler machine assembles pre-slotted fiber and all types of corrugated partition strips, from e-flute to double wall.  Primarily used in high-volume production applications for one, two and four dozen cell partitions for beer and wine bottles and other glassware.  Add an optional collapser machine to reduce labor to a single person operation.


Jumbo Assembler

Shown is the Jumbo Assembler Watch the Jumbo Assembler in action

Assembling extra large partitions has never been easier than with Premier’s Jumbo Assembler.  A single operator can run and maintain production at a pace exceeding that of multiple employees assembling partitions by hand. The Jumbo Assembler’s variable speed drives, accessed through its touch-screen panel, gives you the option to increase production speed even further should your project demand it.


Multi-Cell Assembler

Shown is the Model #123 Multi-Cell Assembler Watch the Multi-Cell Assembler in action

The Multi-Cell Assembler is an automatic multi-cell partition assembler for pre-slotted fiber or corrugated partition strips.  Designed in a standard configuration with eleven feed channels for true multi-cell capacity, can be programmed for even or uneven cell sizes and only one switch is required for set-up.


Full Automatic Partition Assembler

Shown is the Full Automatic Partition Assembler Watch the Full Automatic Partition Assembler in action

The ultimate machine for fiber box partitions!  The Full Automatic Partition Assembler fabricates and assembles box partitions from two fiber chip board rolls. 

The Feeder Section produces die cut partition strips and inserts them into channels which are conveyed to the assembly section.

At the Assembly Section, a paper web with pre-cut slots is automatically inserted into the partition strips to fabricate an assembled partition.

Finally, the Collapsing Section collapses and batches the assembled partitions into sets ready for transport.



Shown is the Premier Paper CollapserLearn more about partition equipment availabilities by viewing the Premier Paper Converting Machinery brochure

Streamlining the production line to collapse and batch the assembled partitions, keeps this a one operator function and optimizes productivity and profitability.

* Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability.

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